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Moving Forward Rental Assistance Program

About the Moving Forward Program:

The Moving Forward Program provides households with a temporary rental subsidy. The program utilizes multiple funding streams to provide this assistance and eligibility criteria and subsidy calculation can vary depending on the funds used for each household.

During the time a households receives rental assistance from the Moving Forward Program, the household will work with a case manager toward goals meant to stabilize housing and promote long term financial security. Households will meet with their case manager on at least a monthly basis and will work with case managers to create a budget plan. Case managers will also connect households with community resources and supports as needed.

Most of the funding streams utilized by the Moving Forward Program require the rental unit to pass a HUD Housing Quality Standards Inspection. Please see “A Good Place to Live” for more information.

Moving Forward Program staff work diligently to foster positive relationships with landlords who work with tenants served by the program. Please see our Landlord FAQs for more information about our program, Fair Housing Law in Oregon and Landlord Tenant Law in Oregon.

Application Process:

Applications can be submitted at our Pendleton or Hermiston office locations or by mail to CAPECO, 721 SE 3rd St. Ste. D, Pendleton, OR 97801. Click here for application.

Placement on the list will be determined by the date/time the completed application was received. When applications are received, staff will review the applications to determine if the household appears to be eligible. If applicants are determined to be eligible, they will be placed on the waiting list.

While on the waiting list, applicants are strongly encouraged to update CAPECO about any changes to their housing situation (homeless or not), income information, household members, or mailing address. CAPECO requests information during waiting list updates and communicates with applicants about the status of their application by mail. It is crucial we have the most up to date contact information! If things change, applicants are encouraged to complete a “change of circumstance” form and submit it our office.

Applicants will be taken from the waiting list as funds are available to serve new households. CAPECO utilizes several unique funding sources to provide rental assistance. Most of our funding streams give priority to households on the waiting list who meet HUD's definition of homeless upon program entry, people with disabilities, and families with children. Please note that households who do not fall into these priority groups may have an extended waiting time. Applicants who have reached the top of the list will be notified through the mail and will have a certain amount of time (identified in the letter) to respond. Applicants who respond will be asked to complete an updated application and provide further documentation. Upon receiving the updated application, if the applicant is determined to be eligible, the applicant will be invited to attend an orientation. After attending orientation, applicants will be set up with an intake appointment and be given further instruction about seeking rental housing, etc.

The Moving Forward Program waiting list can maintain a maximum of 100 applications at any given time. There may be times that CAPECO cannot accept applications for the Moving Forward Program. CAPECO will update this webpage to state whether or not applications are being accepted.

CAPECO is currently accepting applications for the Moving Forward Rental Assistance Program wait list only at this sign up for the Rental Assistance Program.-->

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